We are ready to get rolling...
The packaging technology is amazing. And complex, too. On the other hand, our philosophy is rather simple: we are confident that together with our partners we will bring fresh ideas and a new momentum to the packaging industry in Hungary and beyond. It is not only a mutual contribution to success but also to the shaping of the future. Relying on our 25 years of professional knowledge and our technology, we have the potential, and the ambition, to become one of the leading manufacturers of packaging materials in Central and Eastern Europe. In brief, we are ready to get rolling. It is no coincidence that we have chosen the dice as the symbol of our company. Just like a dice we are many-sided, whilst the sides represent values that we are governed by.


Welcome to Nordfilm Packaging
A brand-new company, experienced staff…. Nordfilm Packaging was born to develop the potential that the manufacturing of flexible packaging holds today and for the future. Learn more about our company, including our production processes, technologies and product portfolio.


In a ribbon-cutting ceremony held on 15 November 2018, Minister of Finance Mihály Varga, Mayor Richárd Horváth and Managing Director László Nagy-Kaszap officially inaugurated the plant. After the festive speeches the factory opened its gates for visitors. In Hungary developed and produced machine park, state-of-the-art technology, large-scale export, new jobs, experienced team, commitment – some features of Nordfilm Packaging Kft.

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You can contact at the following phone numbers.
3000 Hatvan, Bercsényi út 49.
Agnes Neuhaus
Mobile: +36 20 201 6764
E-mail: info@nordfilm.hu
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