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Each product requires special packaging due to its consistency and the use of the particular production technology. Storage conditions, shelf-life requirements and any physical, chemical and biological factor that may have an impact on a product must be considered in the design of the packaging. We keep all these factors in mind when we offer our customers film types, mono or laminated structures, and we choose the most appropriate ink and glue types which we will use in the production process. The certification and examination of materials that can come into direct contact with food is essential, and we have to comply with strict regulations here. Labels on mineral water and soft drink bottles are also part of this segment.


As the culture of pet care changes, manufacturers and consumers have increasingly higher expectations. Packaging is no longer needed simply for dry pet food in a variety of flavours but also for complementary products such as treats for our furry family members. Therefore, we offer film types and laminates of different characteristics.


Each product in this segment is a kind of chemical material that may contain aggressive components. It is therefore essential to choose the appropriate film type and material structure. Different types of packaging materials are needed for washing powders and for liquid detergents, capsules and wet wipes. While powdered products are generally packed in monofilms, liquids and wet wipes are safer in duplex or triplex structures. Storage is not the only function of packaging; it also has to protect the product from external effects. Refill packagings make the product more economical and are also very important from the perspective of environmental protection.


The growing beauty industry has to serve a seemingly ever-expanding need for high quality, innovative cosmetic products, and this trend must be followed in the packaging industry as well. On the one hand, packaging has to protect the product from the effects of the environment, and on the other, it has to be resistant to the components of the product itself. The packaging must also convey a message of cleanliness and a healthy lifestyle. Duplex or triplex film laminates are the ideal choice for packaging of refill and sachet products, such as liquid soaps, body milks or shower gels.
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